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All About Water

So, Let's talk Water....

Our water supply may look clean as it comes out of the tap but what a chemical cocktail it is; hydrocarbons from cars (rust, sediment, sludge) herbicides, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride are just the tip of the iceberg.

In today's modern world it's pretty hard to stay healthy as nature intended with all the preservatives and chemicals in our food, as well as pollutants in the air, so it's a big ask to flush these toxins from our bodies when our drinking water carries pollutants too. Hence the need for a purifying system so our bodies can have a chance of removing these toxins with clean drinking water. With so many "Nasties" in our water supply, a good filtering system is essential for aiding in good health for babies, adults and your pets. We also supply and install shower filters for that "beautiful clean" experience without the chemicals.

We have a large range of quality filtration systems from custom built reverse osmosis systems to undersink filtering units to bench top systems. If we don't have what you are after, we will custom make to suit you and your family's needs.

We have researched and tested our range of products that we purchase from a select group of suppliers and consider our range to be of the highest quality, most of which comes from USA companies.


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